Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girls on Omegle and Chatroulette cam chat

If you have ever wandered the dark alleys of Omegle/Chatroulette video chat, you know that most of the Strangers that you will meet there are male. So what's a guy to do if he is looking to have a video chat with a girl on on of this sites. Not much really. Since the person who end up chatting with is chosen randomly all you can do is next people on chatroulette and keep disconnecting and reconnecting on Omegle until you find the gal you are looking for to chat with.

chatroulette girl
Remember that overall there are more males than females on the internet at least that's what the statistics say so it's expected that more men than women will be on most sites especially chat sites. You might have noticed that men are most likely to flash people on cam than women at least without being asked. Probably because there are fewer people wanting to be flashed by some random guy online than people wanting to be flashed by a cute girl.

I of course do not recommend nor do I encourage showing your genitals online because frankly you never if the Stranger you are talking to is recording you or simply taking screen shots of you. Have you seen all of those seen on Chatroulette sites? Guess how they get those images and videos? That's right you do not want to see yourself featured on one of those sites some day now do you? So keep your clothes on and enjoy a decent chat if you can find the right girl to chat with. It is possible to have a good cam2cam meeting on chatroulette or omegle you just need to be patient and it will happen eventually.

While the concept of both these sites is based on one-on-one chat I think they could benefit from having chat rooms are at least somehow allow groups of people to chat together. This feature could be similar to user-created chat rooms except that all the people in the room would be paired randomly. I don't know if it's actually feasible but at least if you have a pool of people to chat with you are more likely to find someone interesting before you try the next person. Granted is nobody ever hit next on Chatroulette it probably wouldn't be as appealing as it is.

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